I wrote in my previous article, that there is much to love about the Farscape books and some things to dislike. Regardless, they are official canon, the grand story arc is written by Rockne O’Bannon and he said in a 2014 interview that the upcoming revival will take into account what transpires in the books. So they are must reads. The problem is that the original order of release did not exactly correspond with the plot developments, and buying them now means you can get lost. So there is a correct order to read them to understand fully what is going on.

The Farscape books are out of print and are only available second hand, except for the Omnibus which I will explain later, and prices vary widely based on sellers and availability. Each book combines four single-issue comic books. You can find those from private sellers who often want ridiculous prices for them. Best to just go for the books.

Kindle Editions are now available.

Here is the order of the books to read them to make sense of the grand story arc:

D'Argo's Trial 4First, read the three D’Argo books. The D’Argo books add little to the grand story arc but are fun because they are D’Argo and you learn a lot about him and his backstory. There are two separate stories that take place during the original TV series.

– D’Argo 1 – D’Argo’s Lament. This story took place sometime during Season 3 of the TV series and involves D’Argo and Jool on a supply mission.

The next two books tell a story that took place between Seasons 3 and 4 of the original show. They explain where D’Argo went after the “burial” of Talyn and before he arrived at Arnessk.

– D’Argo 2 – D’Argo’s Trial

– D’Argo 3 – D’Argo’s Quest

Then go to the Farscape series of books:

The plot begins a few days after the conclusion of the Peacekeeper Wars and continues the grand story arc. (No, the film is not the end.)

1 – The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

2 – Strange Detractors

3 – Gone and Back

4 – Tangled Roots

Farscape 9Or, you can purchase the Omnibus Vol. 1 which contains all of the above books. Depending on which private buyers are selling at the time, the individual books or the Omnibus may be cheaper. Either way, read D’Argo’s stories first. Omnibus Vol. 2 containing the rest of the compendium books was supposed to have been released December 2018 but was not. I wrote to Boom! asking for comments and they simply replied it is “on hold.”

5 – Red Sky at Morning

6 – Compulsions

And here is where they trick you, you then need to next read the Scorpius series:

Scorpius 1 – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Scorpius 2 – Glorious Basterds

The Scorpius books both continue the grand story arc with a concurrent plot line and give us insights into who Scorpius is and how he thinks. I think we learn more about Scorpius here than any time other than, and perhaps even more than in the episode “Incubator” (3.11).

Then you pick up the action when the main and Scorpius plot lines combine in:

7 – The War for the Uncharted Territories – Part One

Then Boom Comics stopped publishing the Farscape books and you have to find the single issues of The War for the Uncharted Territories #17 through #24. I post links to the Kindle electronic versions because no books are available. You can buy all of the single issues on Kindle for $1.99 each. To buy every Kindle issue of the Farscape books would cost you $111.44. Click here to pick through all of those listings.

Farscape 1717  – The Mediocre Escape

18 – Resistance is Useless

19 – Stark Contrasts

20 – Getting the Band Back Together

21 – Divided We Stand

22 – Talkin’ Kkore Blues

23 – The Peace to End All Wars

24 – The Beginning of The End of The Beginning

Good luck! Please tell me what you think of the books. There are some debatable actions by the characters and the portrayal of some of them can be debated.

Oh, and don’t be confused by different covers of the single issues. Boom! released several issues with alternative covers as “collectors” editions. Look to the issue numbers so you don’t buy duplicate issues unless you want to have the alternative covers.



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